As any of my clients will tell you, my nutritional system, Inclusion Nutrition, is really simple.  That’s how we like it, right?  Simple and effective!  Inclusion Nutrition works by encouraging you to add healthy foods, rather than eliminating foods  the way most diets doThis allows you to experience healing through food without feeling deprived.  Once you begin eating tasty, healthful foods, your desire for unhealthy ones naturally declines.  You will find yourself eating healthfully all the time, without dieting.  But what foods should you add?  I’m glad you asked!  Here are the 5 Guidelines to Inclusion Nutrition:

  1. The 5 Essentials of Inclusion Nutrition:
    1. Vegetables
    2. Fruits
    3. Spices
    4. Healthy Fats
    5. Probiotics

2.  Each meal should include at least 3/5. Each day should include all 5.

3.  Every day should include some raw food.

4.  Prepare most of your food for yourself.

5.  Learn and include foods that help with your particular health needs.

For a more in-depth discussion of these Guidelines, click here!

Initial Nutrition Consultation – $125

One of the most important things you can do for your health is to eat healthy and healing food.  There is a lot of misinformation online and in books about nutrition, and a bewildering variety of diets.  I can help you sort that out. Start with an initial 60-minute consultation to discuss your nutrition goals, tastes, budget, and lifestyle.  We’ll talk about what you’re eating now, and what changes can be beneficial, without causing a feeling of being deprived.  I don’t believe in diets.  My style of Inclusion Nutrition leaves my clients feeling positive about the future of their eating habits, without feeling like they’re being told to cut out all their favorite foods.  I will help you find healthy, tasty foods to ADD to your diet, pushing the unhealthy stuff out naturally, and addressing your particular health concerns.

I do consultations online, via Messenger or Zoom.  After the consultation, I will email you a complete summary of our discussion and all of my recommendations. Clients are welcome to ask as many questions of me after the consultation as needed, at no extra charge.


Follow-up consultations can help you stay on track with what you learn in your initial consultation.  I recommend that clients make monthly 30-minute follow-up appointments for the first few months, and after that whenever you feel like you need some help.  These appointments can also help if anything in your body changes, and you’d like to address it with nutrition.  This includes new symptoms, diagnoses by a doctor, or lifestyle changes.


Do you want to eat healthier, but you feel like you just don’t know what to make for dinner?  Or breakfast?  I can help you get started on the right path!  Each week, I will email you an in-depth meal plan, full of recipes for healthy meals: breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Includes a scheduled plan, plus recipes and a complete grocery list.


Feel like you need a more personal menu plan?  I do custom plans too!  We’ll talk about what kind of foods you want to be eating (and I can help you figure that out), your budget, and your cooking skill level.  I will give you a plan for whatever meals and snacks you need for a week.  Then we’ll talk about how I did it, so that you can plan for yourself in the future.


Sometimes you just don’t have time to cook for yourself, or if you’re chronically ill, spending too much time in the kitchen is painful.  I will come to your house with groceries, and make a variety of heat-and-eat meals from fresh, healthy ingredients.  These meals are customized to your needs and health goals.  When I leave, your freezer is stocked, and your kitchen is clean.  Contact me to discuss your needs and pricing.

Available only in the Albany, OR area.


You know that the best way to control your health is by cooking your own food, but you’ve just never gotten the hang of that.  That’s pretty normal these days.  I will come to your kitchen, and show you how to cook healthy food.  We’ll even go grocery shopping first, and we’ll come up with a meal plan that includes nutritious foods you like.  At the end of the lesson, we’ll have a meal for you to eat, a menu for your week, and a stocked pantry.  Contact me to discuss your needs and pricing.

Want to include your spouse or a friend or two?  Group rates are available!

Available only in the Albany, OR area.