Holistic Healthcare

Initial Holistic Health Consultation – $125

Holistic healthcare can be effective for a wide variety of health issues or a wonderful way to stay healthy.  If you have chronic issues, or are recovering from an injury, illness, or addiction, I can help.  I can also help prevent future health problems.  In this hour-long consultation, we’ll talk about your health concerns and goals, and discuss how your lifestyle is affecting your health.  We will use this information to help you formulate a plan to address those concerns and reach your goals.  In the end, this plan will be yours, and it will be up to you to carry it out.  I have the expertise and knowledge, and as you implement the plan, I will be available to help along the way, but the power to take control of your health belongs to you!  Let me help you discover that power.

I do consultations online, via Messenger or Zoom.  After the consultation, I will email you a complete summary of our discussion and all of my recommendations. Clients are welcome to ask as many questions of me after the consultation as needed, at no extra charge.

Follow-up Holistic Health Consultation – $75

As you make changes to your lifestyle, self-care routine, and nutrition, your health needs will evolve.  Periodic 30-minute consultations will help to adjust your health plan as you go.  As you become more knowledgeable and more empowered to take care of your own holistic health needs, these appointments will become less necessary.  Believe it or not, my goal is to get you to a point where you no longer need to consult with me!