• Leslie is a wonderful communicator and she worked with my current lifestyle (busy mom) and dietary needs (vegetarian/allergic to meat) and created a clear and effective health plan, specifically tailored to me. - Trina J
  • Leslie is very easy to talk to and gives good advice.  She was very organized and covered a lot in [our session].  She is professional and friendly; focused yet flexible. -Lulu C

Holistic Healthcare Can Help With . . .

  • Managing chronic pain
  • Moving out of addiction
  • Managing weight loss or gain
  • Lowering stress levels
  • Managing symptoms of chronic illness


  • Speeding recovery from injury or illness
  • Managing anxiety or depression
  • Adapting after trauma
  • Easing transition into and out of major life changes
  • Creating balance in all aspects of your life

Leslie Sullivan, Holistic Healthcare Specialist

My name is Leslie Sullivan, and I’m an expert in a variety of holistic healthcare modalities.  These include nutrition, herbal medicine, movement therapies, and more.  I am a Reiki Master and an Associate Pranic Healer, able to provide energy medicine for a wide range of healing.

My system of Inclusion Nutrition focuses on adding beneficial foods to your diet, rather than eliminating null or unhealthy ones.  This allows you to experience healing through food without feeling deprived.  Once you begin eating tasty, healthful foods, your desire for unhealthy ones naturally declines.  You will find yourself eating healthfully all the time, without dieting.

Holistic Healthcare

What is Holistic Healthcare?

The term holistic means whole or interconnected.  There’s a common misconception that holistic means natural.  This is probably because holistic healthcare uses a lot of natural, nontoxic methods.  Holistic healthcare is a system of medicine that acknowledges that a person is made up of interconnected parts which all contribute to your health.  Other systems only look at your symptoms and prescribe a fix for those symptoms.

Why is Holistic Healthcare Better?

The biggest benefit is that by looking at your whole self we can address what is causing the symptoms, rather than suppressing symptoms.   We look at you as a whole human being, and see how your symptoms and strengths interact.

In conventional medicine, medication is often prescribed solely to address a symptom.  Then, if that medication causes other symptoms, that calls for more medication, which causes more side effects  Next thing you know, you’re taking eight pills a day.  Because the pills are only addressing symptoms, the root cause isn’t going away and there is no end to the medication.  Worse, sometimes the symptoms you were originally experiencing are not caused directly by your illness or injury. Many symptoms come from your immune system fighting on your behalf. When you suppress them, you’re shutting down your body’s ability to heal.  By acknowledging that your symptoms are part of you, and which symptoms are beneficial, holistic healthcare can help strengthen your body, instead of weakening it.

Additionally, in many ways, conventional medicine is a system of dependence.  The patient, with no medical education, is dependent on the doctor for every part of it.  I want to empower you to take your health into your own hands.  My purpose is to help you manage your own health, rather than managing it for you.  I have experience and knowledge.  I will use these to explain your options, and make recommendations.  It’s up to you to make your own choices.

Are you ready to reclaim your health?

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